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Large Main Room, Drum tracking, Band, Wild Sound


Our large wood-floored tracking rooms have a warm, rich sound and feature acoustic design by Dave Ahl.


Mixing, SSL, Westlake, Bryston, Analog Summing,


The mix room is built around an SSL AWS900 console, Westlake, Bryston & Cranesong Monitoring and Lavry Conversion.


Analog Mastering, Requisite, Massive Passive, Vari-Mu, Clariphonic


Analog bus mastering includes the Requisite L2M, Clariphonic, Manley Vari-Mu and Massive Passive EQ for that finishing touch.


Remote Recording, Location Audio, Concert Recording, Classical, Choir, Big Band


We bring a seasoned team, the best mics and digital consoles to your venue for big bands, orchestras, choirs or string ensembles.


Vocal Recording, Class A, Neumann U47, Neve 1073, AKG C24


From commercial work to the finest poetry our signal chain and environment provide unmatched clarity and comfort.


Video Audition, Music Video, Kickstarter Video, Demos


Add single or multi camera HD video to your project for online promotion, crowdfunding, grant applications or booking.



Isolation, Recording Rooms, Acoustic Treatment, Tracking Rooms, Drum Tracking


A large mainroom and four additional iso rooms with great lines of sight give you the flexibility to track live in the same room or with isolation.


Neumann U47, Neumann M149, AKG C24, Royer, Coles, RCA, Lawson, Shure, Audio Technica


We offer the vintage sound of Neumann - U47, UM57, AKG C24, RCA 44BX & 77DX mics as well as a huge selection of new ones including Coles, Schoeps and Royer.


Neve 1073, Vintech 1081, Millenia, Great River, SSL, Manley VoxBox


Choose from over 40 channels of pre including Vintage Neve 1073, Millenia, Vintech, Great River, Manley & SSL.


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